About Us

Martin Wilde

Martin Wilde is an established and respected speaker at international OP industry conferences and business sales & planning meetings

Martin Wilde Associates Ltd was founded in 2006 by Cambridge University graduate Martin Wilde, who, after 17 years of leading MPA International’s research activities in the industry, is now widely recognised internationally as a leading authority on researching the global office products market.

Throughout his career, Martin has gathered an unparalleled network of senior contacts in the OP industry worldwide, as well as extensive experience in B2B market research techniques, including in-depth telephone and Internet interviewing, focus group and hall test moderation, and informed report writing and analysis.

Martin’s client liaison and project management skills have been honed across a wide range of projects, territories and markets.

In October 2010 Martin Wilde Associates Ltd formed an alliance with OPI Resources – the leading professional services provider for the global OP industry.

Our Resources

Successful market research in the OP industry depends on three major factors:

  • In-depth market knowledge
  • A worldwide respondent contact network
  • High quality research resources

What makes MWA unique is the combination of Martin’s market knowledge and industry contacts with the provision of  high quality research resources from a low cost base.

Having spent five years managing the MPA business from home, Martin is experienced in directing complex research projects from a remote base.  MWA also benefits from the low overhead base and flexibility of a home-based business, but also has access — whenever required — to call centres and experienced multilingual market research executives via selected local research partners in the market research and OP industries worldwide.

This means that costs are kept as low – and service levels as high – as possible, ensuring that Martin Wilde Associates can deliver informed research and consultancy projects right around the globe at a more affordable cost to our clients.